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KTZ and the group of companies performs all the tasks in freight traffic

At present “KTZ- Freight transport” JSC has sufficient resources, including the country’s largest car fleet to ensure round-the-clock rail transportation of various cargoes.

Experience from previous years and the current situation on the market, require from a national carrier taking more positive measures for the effective use of their potential, as well as long-term dialogue between shippers, consignees and the carrier.

So, at the beginning of each year, the Company gets the rolling stock in full readiness to provide freight services. Currently for the transportation of dry bulk cargoes, including coal on the territory of the republic, about 30,000 gondola cars are used. When operating uniformly the rolling stock during the year, this amount is sufficient to perform the annual volume for the transportation of bulk cargoes.

“Every year, the cargo carrier faces a sharp increase in demand for cars at the beginning of winter. Whereas in the 1-2 quarters of the year the cars are idle while waiting for loading”, - said director of the logistics department of “KTZ-Freight transportation” JSC Dauletbek Nigmetov.

“We once again draw the attention of all participants of the transportation process to the relevance and importance of uniform planning. Since it is simply impossible to carry the entire annual output of solid fuel for one month. It is necessary to move away from long-term practice of hoping on surplus rolling stock, because the volume of freight is growing each year,”- said D. Nigmetov.

Speaking of the lack of cars in winter, consignors and consignees forget to mention that the needs of population in the solid fuel are recalled only with the onset of cold weather, despite the fact that the annual preparation for the heating season begins in May. It is spring and summer period which is the most beneficial for all participants of the transportation process in preparation for winter.

In “KTZ-Freight transportation” JSC they continue work on the timely delivery of goods. One of the measures to improve the competitiveness of the national carrier is the deregulation of tariffs for freight rail transportation.

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