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The capacity of Astana station has increased the elongated "shoulder"
2917 / 21.01.2019 15:09

The capacity of Astana station has increased the elongated "shoulder"

Akmola railway workers, applying the technology of lengthening the warranty areas, have improved the carrying capacity of Astana station.
Now transit trains go to their destination without stopping at Astana station. The trains follow from Atbasar station to Ekibastuz-1 station (more than 530 km), from Ereymentau station to Atbasar station (369.1 km), from Kurort-Borovoe station to Ekibastuz station (532km). The locomotive brigades of Ereymentau and Kurort-Borovsky locomotive depot control the trains.
Earlier, at the Astana station, technological operations were performed to change the locomotive brigade, locomotive, and attach-uncouple wagons. It took 1.7 hours.
After the introduction of technology extended warranty sections of a simple transit car without processing reduced by 0.5 hours, the acceleration of the total turnover of the car in the office by 12.5 hours.
The non-stop pass of transit trains has reduced the workload on the reception, departure of freight trains at Astana station. This improved the capacity of the station as a whole.
Thanks to the technology of extension of warranty sections, the performance of locomotives, precinct and technical speed is improved, the time in the turnover of cars decreases.
Railway workers point out that the introduction of technology has optimized the passage of trains on the main lines and has improved the quality indicators of the Akmola branch of the State Enterprise.
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