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Freight turnover increased by 6.6% over the National Company Kazakhstan Temir Zholy network in 2018.
1032 / 09.01.2019 12:12

Freight turnover increased by 6.6% over the National Company Kazakhstan Temir Zholy network in 2018.

The operational freight turnover through the network of NC KTZ JSC amounted to 222.5 billion ton-kilometers in 2018, which is 6.6% higher than the 2017 figure.
Loading amounted to 254.8 million tons, an increase of 13 million tons compared to 2017. Of these, more than 170 million tons were transported within Kazakhstan, over 84, 7 million tons were exported.
Railway workers in full provided transportation of socially significant goods. Over 105 million tons of hard coal were shipped, which is 3% more than in 2017. Over 72 million tons of solid fuel was shipped domestically, up 4% from the previous year.
Grains shipped 11.5 million tons, which is 35% higher than the level of 2017, of which 8.8 million tons were exported, which is 52% more than the figures of 2017. 3.5 million tons of milled products were shipped, which is 3% higher than the 2017 level.
In addition, in 2018 there was an increase in all major goods of the nomenclature. Thus, the loading of iron ore increased compared to the level of 2017 by 8%, non-ferrous ore by 5%, and construction materials by 6%.
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