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328 / 14.05.2013

Labour protection conditions were checked in the locomotive depots

A traditional month campaign of labour protection came to an end in “Locomotive” JSC. All the branches of ...

355 / 11.05.2013

Volume of cargo transportation through the border crossing “Bolashak-Serkhetyaka” can increase 15 mln. tonnes by 2020 – said the head of KTZh

The transportation volume through the international border terminal “Bolashak-Serkhetyaka” can increase 15 mln. tonnes of diff...

467 / 11.05.2013

A new main line opens new possibilities for enterprises of Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan stimulating economic growth and wellbeing increase of our nations – the Supreme Leader

Today the Presidents of Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan Nursultan Nazarbayev and Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov took part in the opening ceremony ...

294 / 11.05.2013

A new railway road increases strategic importance of all Caspian region – the President of RK Nursultan Nazarbayev

Today, on May, 11 after a solemn coupling and the opening of a new international railway crossing between Kazakhstan and ...

314 / 09.05.2013

A legendary woman

The Great Victory was also forged by those who served on the home front In May of the current year a participant of&nbs...

316 / 08.05.2013

War splinters

The Great Patriotic war has left a deep mark not only in Sharip Kaliaskarov’s soul, but in his body. He still has shell ...

284 / 08.05.2013

Soldier’s truth

One day a Soviet poet said about such people as Vassiliy Ivanovich Grigorash, “Nails should be made out of such people. Th...

332 / 08.05.2013

Uncle Misha is a veteran

Misha Kutyakov had served in the army for more than 7 years. Though he was not on the Western front, he smelled gunpowder ...

309 / 08.05.2013

Pride of our department

The veteran of the Great Patriotic war Ivan Kuzmich Slinko is a pride of our department. He has travelled half the world fi...

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